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We provide Remote IT support fort for all of the software that we develop for you
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Bespoke software development.
Best business application are bespoke ones
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Unlike packaged apps or programming tools, custom apps meet the unique needs of small and large businesses, increase their efficiency, or productivity via tailored information.

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Lets convert you application to a BlockChain solution.

The ultimate secure and reliable Blockchain technology is here to stay. By converting you solution a the BlockChain you get the benefit of having your data secure and running over a smartphone device

Hospitality PMS is on its way

We have been commissioned for a 2 years project to develop a PMS system excusably for macOS. We are so exited with this project!!

  • Native macOS and iOS application
  • Madular PMS platform
  • Integration with multichannel booking/ HomeKit/ FileMaker

Our Document management app has entered into it's beta stage

Here is a taste of the app