Blockchain Development

We are one of the most innovative and rapidly expanding crypto-tech companies in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. Our software engineering services has is the fastest growing network of top talent and companies in the history of the Internet — connecting thousands of elite engineers all over the world with companies who want to utilise their skills on their most urgent initiatives. To some of our clients IT Integrators is the #1 choice for cryptography and ledger technology software engineering talent with a steady 13% of software developers growth and engineers looking for their next challenge.
We have experienced and passionate engineers experienced with blockchain technologies including Hyperledger family, R3 Corda, Multichain, Ethereum (Solidity), and Stratis.
We constantly are excelling our role, and passing the knowledge of the fundamental blockchain technology as well as the underlying the technical knowledge in areas like cryptography and distributed systems to international businesses and governments who are actually seeking to get involved in this ecosystem.

Here is a list of some of our services:

    1. ⎔ Develop, test and deploy Smart Contract applications.
    1. ⎔ Maintain existing blockchain implementations and adjust them according to client needs.
    1. ⎔ Ensure programmatic and network security of the implemented systems.
    1. ⎔ Develop monitoring tools that provide visual representation of the tool’s usage.
    1. ⎔ Analyse system performance and devise solutions for bottlenecks and other issues.
    1. ⎔ Make sure all systems have a highly secure and up-to-date configuration.
    1. ⎔ Work with other developers on troubleshooting and bug investigation on behalf of our clients.
    1. ⎔ Develop cryptocurrencies and ICOs for 3rd party.



Blockchain is the most famous distributed ledger, but is an example of a type of distributed ledger. Bitcoins is one of its use cases. We now have banks, stock markets, insurance companies and others in the financial services space exploring how to harness this technology to become more efficient.
Hashgraph is a fifth type of distributed ledger that has emerged called Hashgraph. It is developed by a company called Swirlds. Unlike Blockchain, which creates an immutable version of history through blocks, Hashgraph relies on the ‘gossip protocol’ to ensure that members sync with each other. In the gossip protocol, each member calls another member at random to sync with them.
Since consensus is arrived at by randomly syncing with others, Hashgraph doesn’t require large computation power unlike Blockchain. This lowers transaction cost significantly as investment and cost are reduced. As there are no delays caused by computation and other steps, this is also significantly faster. It is also Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (Ascynchronous BFT) in the strong sense that it can overcome internal attacks as well as external attacks on the network. No one can influence the transaction order as there is no mining. Hashgraph also has significantly larger transaction capacity than Blockchain. Blockchain can process 7 transactions per second, whereas Hashgraph can process over 250,000 transactions per second. This enables scalability.
Hashgraph is a really amazing advancement in technology. But does it spell the end of Blockchain? Perhaps not. Hashgraph is a significantly superior distributed ledger. It is a system without the shortcomings of Blockchain. Many have already invested heavily in developing Blockchain solutions to many of their bottlenecks.
Here at IT Integrators, we have started paying attention and researching on this technology learning its structure and code, because we strongly believe that this will be a major player reshaping the future of the Internet and the distributed leisure ecosystem