A business hotel that has lovely Premium rooms and is renowned for its conference halls dedicated for business and wedding purposes. Recently the rooms were renovated and were equipped with high-tech equipment to better facilitate the needs of these conferences.

The hotel needed to generate a rebranding image communicating these changes that it has done with its clientele. Moreover, a bespoke booking engine needed to be developed and integrated within the site in order to facilitate the reservation of rooms but mainly the conference halls.

booking engine integration

An e-commerce for a hotel is its booking engine. The more tailored the engine to suit its needs the more profitable is the e-commerce of that hotel. In this case the hotel needed to generate a booking engine that trailers for conferences.

A complex task. The system has to take into consideration the number of visitors, the fact that some of these visitors will need rooms to stay, the catering, the amenities that they will need etc..

  • WordPress CMS
  • Custom HTML5, CSS3
  • Web Hotelier Integration