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becoming michelle obama

The publishers for the Michel Obama site in Greece needs a site in less than 24 hours. In order to do this you must have the resources. We are proud of been able to deliver such power and resource in a very short period of time.     This was done in less than 24h.The publishers


Terracotta Boutique

It was in the Spring of 1993 Terracotta, the independent fashion store was formed by the husband and wife duo the Griffiths’. The business started its trading days in the oldest shop (Tom Brown’s School Days) in the market town of Rugby, Warwickshire. The original site was developed in Magento and needed to be migrated to



Turtledove reflects our love of design, our surroundings and everyday beauty. Gender neutral pieces to pass down to smaller friends and siblings, our designs have a timeless appeal and a simple colour palette. Each collection celebrates one colour highlight to compliment monochrome aesthetics. Clean lines and simple repeat graphics, letting children lead the rhythm in the